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Sometimes we just need a moment for ourselves, with a fork in hand, and just Eat Solo.


3D Modeling 


Blender 3.0




Group Project


Bring a brand to the US that has
minimal or no visibility and figure
out how to reimagine it for
the US market. 


Using a similar business model to the popular Ramen kitchen ICHIRAN, create an experience geared towards the most important but often bypassed meal of the day.


A breakfast restaurant made 
specifically for people wanting to eat alone.


Reimagining the Brand/ ICHIRAN

Ichiran Ramen is a Japanese ramen food-service business specializing in tonkotsu ramen. 

Ichiran is one of the most popular ramen chains, not only in Tokyo but in several locations all over Japan. In Japan, they appreciate ‘ohitorisama’ (a solo customer) and American diners seem to welcome the idea too.

Ichiran offers: 
- Partitioned seats designed for individual diners
- A customizable dining experience that begins right before you enter the restaurant
- Contactless Service so that you do not have to interact with the wait staff.

How do we use Ichiran's business model for the US market?

41 Branding-04.png

We created a solo dining experience specializing in comfort food for Breakfast

4One Breakfast Cafe is where fast-casual meets classic diner. Our breakfast experience re-imagines Ichiran's booth design and is uniquely situated around a revolving food conveyor belt. This cafe foregoes Ichiran's ticket ordering machine and swaps it for an all-inclusive app and kiosk ordering system.


/ Booth Design 

Cool tones and a mixture of marble and black stone with beechwood paneling give the booths a clean and calming aesthetic. The glass film on the table-top makes the areas easy to clean and maintain.

Food is delivered to patrons on a revolving conveyor belt that is structured around the kitchen. 

Final Booth Single (1).png

The glass screen opens and closes and mutes itself once you receive your order so you don't see other people's food rotating past or trash while you're eating. 

Final Booth Single Side.png

/ There's No Bad Seat At The Table When It's Only You

For OOH, 4One has a goal in mind and that is to get your stomach growling. The language we are using is speaking to consumers who may have a little bit of  Solomangarephobia or fear of eating alone in public. Our language hopefully inspires one to embrace an opportunity for positive self-indulgence and gratification. 

OOH Mockup 3.jpg
OOH Mockup 4.jpg
OOH Mockup 1.jpg
Log in.png
Menu 1.png

1 / Guests will have a uniquely curated log-in screen that shows current and past rewards, favorite menu items, and suggestions, as well as an option to reserve their favorite booth.

3 / All main dishes will allow consumers to customize and quantify, as well as see detailed descriptions of what the dish is and what ingredients and nutritional value they contain.

Booth select.png
Add ons.png

4 / Guests can check availability and reserve booths before they come in as well as within the restaurant at one of our kiosk stations.

5 / Once the order is placed, paid for, and registration is confirmed, guests can send an alert to our staff to begin preparing their meals.

2 / A fully curated menu that boasts new and seasonal hometown favorites meant to be paired with side dishes or any other add-on.

6 / This contactless dining experience allows for any additional assistance or reordering to be done within the app or kiosk.

3 / Kiosk Ordering Station and Mobile Ordering Application

4One restaurant cafe gives guests full control of their experience with contactless service. Through the app, they are able to check availability and reserve their favorite booths, close and open their tabs, order additional food, request refills, and to-go containers. 


Outcome/ Reflections

4One was inspired by my teammates and I being able to admit that we ate a lot of our meals alone due to not wanting to share, wanting some alone time, and because we wanted to take the pressure out of having a conversation while eating. 

We were inspired and guided by our own experiences as well as others we spoke to and how they perceived solo dining whether that be negative or positive.

This project brought me a lot of joy because this was
my first worldbuilding opportunity after learning how to build in 3D in only 2 months. This was the first time I was able to express what I was envisioning and translate that into something people could see and experience themselves.



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